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About me

Hi! My PhD thesis The Prosody of Response Tokens in Danish was recently accepted, and I'm currently looking for a new job! I work with prosody and phonetics in interaction and response tokens/interjections in Danish, but I am also interested in phonology and grammar more broadly, and cross-linguistic perspectives. My closest collaborators are Jakob Steensig (PhD supervisor) and the members of the DanTIN-group.

I have been at the Department of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Semiotics at Aarhus University as part of the research groups DanTIN (Danish Talk-in-Interaction) and Sounds of Language and Speech.

I am currently looking at jobs (postdoc, teaching, other), and if you are interested in discussing possibilities, don't hesitate to contact me! Send a mail at 201204617 AT post DOT au DOT dk.